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If you have suffered a Personal Injury then you should be looking to file a claim for compensation. Call our law firm to arrange a meeting with our Personal Injury lawyers and discuss possible litigation.

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Victims of personal injury are generally entitled to compensation for medical bills, loss of income, disability and pain and suffering. In some cases, personal injury victims are also entitled to medical malpractice damages, which are designed to punish the defendant for his or her wilful and wrongful actions.


Personal Injury Lawyers

Personal injury law suits are the the most challenging and rewarding specialty in law. We love the practice of law and helping out our clients. Accident lawyers are passionate individual that manifests itself in the dedication he brings to the clients and their cases. The outstanding results, including numerous successful cases, speak for himself.

Focusing on these areas allows us to remain competent and well informed of the ever changing laws. Furthermore, focusing on this area keeps our minds fresh, keen and enthusiastic. If you are dealing with a personal injury issue the lawyers in Gold Coast Law Firm have significant experience in your specific area.


Personal Injurys

Negligence is present whenever an individual's careless act or failure to act, has caused personal injury. Whilst the act or failure to act maybe unintentional, the defendant may still be liable for damages.

Often there is liability insurance for acts of negligence, provided by the homeowner's insurance, vehicle insurance, or another general liability insurance policy.

This generally applies to product liability, which are claims filed against manufacturers and suppliers of dangerous products that cause injury. Liability insurance is available to compensate victims who suffer personal injury as a result of the strict liability of the responsible party.

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Injury Claims

In some cases, a jury may decide to award punitive damages and call attention to illegal or unethical behavior by individuals and companies, and to bring pressure on those people to stop to avert similar accidents in the future.

Medical Negligence Lawyer are entitled to sue for financial compensation, the people who have caused their client's injuries. Compensation can pay bills, provide income for people who can not work because of their injuries or a dui charge, provide a future income for victims who may never be able to return to work, and ease their transition into a radically altered future.

If in case, the victim can no longer work, a retirement fund is a big help.

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