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Patent is local and is limited to the same state issue it. Following the Paris Convention, where most of the counries in world are signed on, the owner of the patent that submitted an application request to be recognise his patent is allowed to do the same in any other county within 12 months and enjoy the law forwarding his application, in the other country, using the same date the applicant submitted in the first country. Patent attorneys which is an trademark attorneys will explain & clarify the law to you so you could submit an application in number of states around the world for patent recognition.

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Applying for patent registration

It is imoprtant to let trademark attorneys to review you application first. The process of patent application starts with submitting the required forms. The important date stated on the application is the date the application was accepted by the patent office.

The review process, priorly been done by patent lawyers, takes about two to three years (and sometimes more). As long as the patent is under review, the owner of the patent doesn't have any legal rights. this state is know as "patent pending" and allows the patent creator to expose the patent to audience, potential buyers for business premises .

After the application was process and reviewed by the Patent Authority and was approved, the patent is valid for 20 years from the date of the application submission.

Patent registration is territorial, therefor, the protection of the patent applies only for those countries the patent was registered with. A patent attorney can help you with that. The protection in most countries includes protection in farther development, manufacturer and importation of Infringing products.

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