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V-Legal, is located on the Gold Coast and services clients through out the Gold Coast region. We have been operating since 1995.

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Successfull cases are achieved when the client and attorneys are ready, willing, and able to go to trial, for that reason, our lawyers carefully prepare each case for trial while looking for opportunities to reach a fair and equitable pretrial settlement.

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Defendants maybe subject to losing custody of any children and partial net worth, however, prosecutors find it hard to claim large amounts of money during a divorce claim.

Nevertheless, manufacturers do use tactics to limit their exposure to patents. Most have broader uses as well for defending their own technologies against competitors.

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Court cases are often costly, dealing with a family matter dispute or defending a DUI charge can be a complex and time-consuming process. If you are looking for proven Gold Coast lawyers who will talk straight and respect your time and money, then contact our Gold Coast firm.

If you are dealing with the legal system for the first time, or you have had unpleasant legal experiences in the past, we invite you too. We have over 10 years of collective, relevant experience focused in Personal Injury and Medical Malpractice.

We have handled many hundreds of cases in the area and believe that our experience is an asset to our clients. For more information on the legal services we provide, please contact our Gold Coast Law Firm, or visit a professional patent lawyer website for patent and trademark services.


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Clients are often former business partners, for example, one business partner might sue the other for breaching a partnership agreement or. Other parties in dispute could include past employees, competitors, vendors, suppliers, and other businesses. Those often involve claims of fraud, employee contract disputes, and unfair competitive practices. Class action lawsuits are handled by our Gold Coast based criminal defence lawyers.

These lawsuits are often brought against companies by a group of consumers. A common type of class action lawsuit is for breach of warranty, for example, a retailer of diet supplements may be sued by a group of customers when they fail to lose weight promised by the company.

This would fall under commercial law, and lawyers for both sides would rely on relevant law and local and national laws to argue the case. In most litigation cases, it is often not in the business owner's interest to go to a full trial and get a ruling as much time and money can be spent on a matter.