DUI Charges

Been charged with a DUI offence? You are likely looking at loosing your licence. V-Legal's Lawyers can help you to reduce or acquit the charges against you. Arrange a meeting with us before it is too late.

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DUI's can have severe consequences for the defendant, including jail time, fines, the loss of your drivers license (even on the first offence) and divorces. DUI offences are more severe, including additional jail time if a child passenger is present when someone is arrested for DUI.

But there are many legal grounds for challenging a charge of drink driving. Our Gold Coast based DUI lawyers, has represented thousands of clients against driving under the influence charges. The firm represents clients charged with DUI and various other traffic violations.

DUI Arrest

Drink Driving

DUI defendants are good citizens who have simply made a poor decision. Because of the way DUI is perceived by the public, along with the aggressive nature of DUI prosecution and consequences of a DUI conviction, you need a criminal defence lawyer who understands how to fight for you. To make sure your rights and interests are respected.

To ensure you are granted the assumption of innocence. To guarantee you get the best possible outcome available to you. To make sure that if you choose to go to trial the law is held to the standard of proving its case beyond reasonable doubt. Our Gold Coast based lawyers will fight for you.


DUI offenses

DUI defendants often claim for personal injury and are generally charged with having violated two separate laws. The first is driving under the influence in violation of Queensland law. The second law is driving with a blood alcohol concentration (BAC) of 0.05% or greater in violation of Queensland state law.

If you are convicted and charged with having violated either law, they have lost their DUI case. A DUI conviction will appear on your record as a misdemeanor conviction for life, unless the person has obtained an expungement of the conviction. As a real estate agent, you definitely don't want this on your record.

Drug Driving cases are unique, but if you or someone you love is faced with the unfortunate situation of being charged with a DUI it is important you act quickly and make the right decisions in order to ensure the best possible outcome by hiring a local lawyer.


DUI Conviction

The best way to protect your rights, freedom, and reputation when facing a DUI conviction is to hire a DUI lawyer to help you or a loved one through the DUI charge process to mitigate the damage it can cause. Since each DUI is unique, it will be up to a DUI lawyer to look at the specific facts of the case, and identify the best defence to assert.

In many cases there are weaknesses in the prosecutions case charges, which if argued properly, can lead to reductions in charges or a complete dismissal. It is important to remember though that regardless of the facts, time is of the essence. If charged with DUI offence you only have 10 days from the date of the arrest to file for a formal review hearing with the court.

Our lawyers will be able to help you to prepare and file the necessary paperwork for this hearing. It is possible for those charged with DUI to have their license returned and the suspension removed from their record, following the court case. No matter your situation, they should consider contacting a DUI lawyer to discuss their case.