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V-Legal can help you exit a failing marriage with a positive outlook. Breakups if not handeled by a Lawyer can end up being a very one sided affair. If you are in need of legal advice concerning divorces or child custody, call us.

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Divorces are usually determined in Gold Coast court with lawyers, though they take into account, post and prenuptial agreements, or simply ratify terms that the spouses may have agreed to privately. In the absence of an agreement, a contested divorce may be stressful to the divorces and lead to a DUI arrest.

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Likelihood of a divorce accelerates among criminal defendants. According to data recorded in 2004, most first-time divorces occur around the 8th year of marriage. Experts say there are three points in a marriage that will either make or break the relationship.

The first is after the initial two years of marriage, once the couple has passed the honeymoon period. The second point is around the five to seven year mark, when the first children are typically born.

The third and final point is when the children leave home for college and the couple becomes empty-nesters with fewer ties to each other.



Divorces are often relatively uniform, when there is little or no marital property, family issuses, children or spousal maintenance. Many spouses can usually obtain a quick and clean divorce, though most divorces however, are quite different and much more complex. Ask the help of divorce lawyers as they are the experts in child custody battles.

A typical divorce involves a union of many years with considerable marital property and real estate, businesses, large or concealed debts, trust funds, joint and separate accounts, investments, insurance, pensions, children and other assets.

In these complex situations, the parties often can not divide their possessions on their own and therefore may require court involvement to settle child custody and possessions. You will need the expert advice of Family Lawyers in these scenarios.


Divorce Settlements

V-Legal's Gold Coast lawyers and Family Lawyers are especially well suited for protecting your privacy. Negotiations in a collaborative divorce are private and confidential. Unlike a personal injury case, you can place the details of your divorce settlement in a contract that can stay private.

At the start of a divorce process, everyone signs an agreement that the divorce discussions and proceedings will remain confidential and that the lawyers only role can be to focus on settlement. Few other legal processes offers the degree of privacy protection that applies to all professionals as an inherent part of the structure from the start to finish of the Divorce.