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Our Criminal Defence Lawyers can help you to avoid fines and jail time. If you have been charged with a Criminal act then arrange a meeting with one of our lawyers to ensure that you attain the best possible result when you go to court.

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Criminal litigation is usually too little and too late. You can sue the criminal for your damages if he or she was caught and convicted. While you can seldom collect much from them, his testimony can help to establish how easy it would have been for adequate security measures to deter him. When faced with a court case, promptly consult a Gold Coast based lawyer who is experienced in investigating and prosecuting criminal defence.

Criminal Misdemeanour

Defence Lawyers

All criminal defence law are covered by our lawyers, as well as more specialist areas such as children in care and housing problems.

It you often thought that criminal defence lawyers are somehow of a lesser ability than those who work in civil litigation. We at the defence bar have much more experience in court.


Criminal Lawyers

Family disputes on the are generally handled in one of the variety of local courts located throughout surfers paradice by professional lawyers.

Personal Injury claims are less serious than Medical Malpractice, although they are considered criminal offences and can carry up to one year in jail as a maximum punishment, in addition to various fines and surcharges.

Examples of DUI cases include driving while intoxicated. Most shoplifting accusations, assault in which the injury alleged is not severe, certain minor drug possession accusations, and violations of certain orders of protection. Misdemeanor cases are handled start to finish in the local criminal courts where they originate.


Criminal Law

Criminal Defence laws are set out under government, state and federal legislation. Because laws can vary from place to place it is ill advised to hire a lawyer from another region, as they can lack the necessary experience and familiarity with applicable Queensland law.

A Gold Coast based divorce lawyer will be familiar and experienced with Queensland state laws and procedures. This can include new legislation, laws and statutes as well as any changes to applicable laws in Queensland.

Even before the case is heard in court there are strict procedures that lawyers must be followed when the arrest is made, when the investigation is carried out and when evidence is gathered.

If a criminal case is to be successful, there are a number of procedures that must be followed and personnel that must be involved. These personnel include judges, jury members, criminal defence lawyers, witnesses and enforcement officers.