If you need conveyancing documents filed for you or are about to begin property transferal, then meet with our lawyers and we can take care of the process for you.

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Property and Conveyancing

Deed Transferal

Much of Australia's land was colonized by the English, and conveyancing still follows similar laws. In Australia, conveyancing is usually completed by a lawyer or a conveyancer. While there are kits available that allows you to complete the process yourself, generally it is not recommended, since there are many differing state and local council laws to comply with.


Property Transferals

Conveyancing is generally the transferal of title or property, for example Window blinds Sydney, to another person or party.

Your conveyance will start from the moment you enter into a contract. It will continue throughout the duration that the contract specifies, as various conditions such as finance approval and building inspections are satisfied. This will lead to a settlement where important legal documents are exchanged, along with the payment of the purchased price.

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Conveyancing and Property

Settlement isn't the end of the road though. Shortly there after, following the settlement, the registration of transferal of property takes place at the Land Titles Department, which hands you your legal title to the property. The conveyancing process is finalised upon the successful registration of the property.

Our experienced property and will and estate lawyers can assist you on issues related to property acquisition, evaluation of third party rights, initiating conveyancing transfers to assessing mergers.